11 Things to Do Before Launching Your Blog

After years of procrastination, you finally decide to get your blog started. For your friends asking when your blog will be ready, you tell them that you are ironing out a few matters. Whether there are things you are ironing out or not, you need to ensure that by the time you are launching your blog, everything is in line for success.

As a channel that lets you share your knowledge creatively, you have to make sure that your blog is ready to send out the message you want to share. Here are the things you should do include to your pre-launch list:

Launching Your Blog

  1. Identify a niche

What will your blog be about? To answer this, look at the things you are passionate about, things that interest you and the things you can talk about for hours on end. Note that you don’t have to copy other bloggers on the market, so, your blog doesn’t have to be about food, fashion or travel.

After you identify a niche, you should study the market and understand what your potential readers are looking for. When identifying the needs of your target market, determine if there is a gap you can fill.

  1. Pay for your blog

Yes, there are many free blogs and your money management skills as a Toronto CPA will advise you to go the frugal way and get the free account. The problem with this free option is that the control of the account lies in someone else’s hands and you cannot tweak it as you wish to.

For design flexibility, a cool web address, more storage and more monetizing opportunities, you have to get a self-hosted blogging WordPress account. You’ll also need to invest in design customization, better web hosting, custom development, marketing promotions, software, A/B testing, and you’ll also have to hire other writers.

  1. Work on creating visual content

Your articles and videos will only sell better if you invest in high-quality images and photos for your blog. You have to find a site that allows you to use their photos on your site with only an attribution license.

  1. Grow your mailing list

For decades, email marketing has been one of the most effective marketing techniques. Through the mailing list, you’ll get to email people whenever you like. It is effective, professional and it increases traffic to your site. Compared to Google and social media, email marketing is more dependable for generating more traffic.

  1. Competitive analysis

More than 90 percent of what you intend to write has been written about. Unfortunately, your audience is looking for unique and creative content that will make them addicted to your site. For that, you have to research before you start writing. Look at your competition and identify the keywords they are targeting. You should also check their backlinks and where they are coming from.

  1. Create your brand

Which name best describes your blog? Is it simple? Is the domain name available? After the determining the name, come up with the colors, themes, and styles as well as the overall feeling of your blog. Note that it should be consistent and professional.

  1. Optimize social media

You need social media presence for your blog to have a wide reach. With a blog guided by images, you have to focus on Pinterest and Instagram, etc. You should identify the common social media site in your country then optimize them. You should save the names of your business on every social media site and make sure it corresponds with your blog. Then, you should select two platforms to focus on.

  1. Connect and collaborate
  2. Create hype around your blog and promote it
  3. Create content and don’t shy from long content.
  4. Have friends review your blog.

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