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2 Embarrassing Places To Get Varicose Vein Treatment

If you told someone to close their eyes and imagine someone getting varicose vein treatment, most people would form in their mind a mental image of someone receiving treatment for leg varicose veins. However, what few people seem to realize is you can get varicose veins on almost any area of your body, including some rather embarrassing places.

Here, we discuss two embarrassing  places where men and women get varicose veins and varicose vein treatment but they may never mention their condition in public or even talk about it with their closest friends or family. It’s important to discuss this openly to encourage those who have these problems to seek professional help and let them know they are not alone!

Embarrassing Places

  1. On a Woman’s Breasts

Bulging blue varicose veins can appear directly across a woman’s breasts or within her cleavage area. As you might imagine, this may be terribly embarrassing to a woman in a relationship. It may even get to the point, she rejects affection from her partner because she doesn’t want him or her to see these marks which she considers “ugly” and certainly not “sexy.” However, these prominent breast veins creating the vanity crisis are actually far more common than you may think!

Varicose veins on the breasts tend to occur when the breasts enlarge significantly for any reason. This can occur when there is significant weight gain such as happens during pregnancy when the breasts are filling up with milk or simply during a stressful time in a woman’s life when she is putting on “stress weight.” It can also occur after breast augmentation when the skin is stretched thinner over an enlarged breast. Any type of change in a woman’s hormones can also trigger the formation of breast varicose veins. For example, taking oral contraceptives can shift the hormonal balance in a woman’s body and cause varicose veins on her breasts. Both puberty and menopause, with the hormonal changes these life events usher in, are both times when varicose veins may form on a woman’s breasts.

Sometimes these breast varicose veins fade away on their own. However, for those that don’t, there is good news! Varicose veins that appear on the breasts usually respond well to varicose vein treatment, i.e. there is a very high success. The most popular varicose vein treatment for this region is sclerotherapy using a foamed sclerorant.

  1. On a Man’s Penis

While it is not as common an occurrance as on a woman’s breasts, varicose veins can develop on a man’s penis. The condition is more noticeable when the penis is erect. However, when the penis is flaccid, the varicose vein(s) may make the penis feel and look “lumpy.” While some people believe varicose veins on the penis are caused by injury during masturbation or sexual intercourse, this is not the case. Usually, they form after a tiny blood clot forms in one of the penile vessels and then the condition gets progressively worse.

If a man has psychological discomfort about the appearance of his penis, it can affect his sexual performance, even if the varicose vein(s) are not causing physical pain. In these instances, it can sometimes even lead to erectile dysfunction and or performance anxiety. The best option in cases like these is not to post pone having a doctor take a look at the penis and see if treatment is possible. In other words, don’t fret about it, just take action!

While some penile varicose veins can be treated, others cannot be because it could interfere with sexual activity. Two types of varicose vein treatment, laser treatment and sclerotherapy, can be used to treat damaged veins on the penis. Some vein doctors prefer to treat penile varicose veins with laser treatment to avoid any chance that the liquid or foam used during sclerotherapy gets into one of the veins that could damage sexual performance.

Should You Get Varicose Vein Treatment In These Embarrassing Situations?

The answer is “it depends!” The first step is to overcome your embarrassment about having varicose veins in a sensitive spot. Second, find a vein clinic, like Metro Vein Centers, that you know by reputation will treat you with the utmost dignity and respect. The staff and medical personnel at Metro Vein Centers understand the need to be sensitive to their patients’ insecurities about their condition. Further, you can schedule a free evaluation. Finally, you can’t make any informed decisions until the diagnoses are made by these professionals and they present you with the best options.

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