4 Inbound Marketing Techniques Every Business Need To use

Marketing is the pulse of every business but with the most of conventional marketing methods being too expensive, inbound marketing makes a lot of sense. It is a popular way of marketing your business, especially for smaller businesses and startups. It’s just not only a way to grow your business faster but also allows you to educate your audience instead of just selling your product to them.

Whether it is e-commerce, SaaS, B2C, B2B, brick and mortar, non tech or any other type of business, inbound marketing is the best approach for today’s businesses. So, let’s take a look at the inbound marketing techniques that you can use to grow your business:

Marketing Techniques Every Business

  1. Take advantage of SEO, specifically keywords

SEO and inbound marketing are very closely connected and keywords are an important feature of SEO. So, make sure your business is getting ranked on the search engines for right keywords. Moreover, long tail keywords are known to work better than your one word ones.

Many marketers try to gain traffic by using tons of different keywords. Avoid this, focus only on a few relevant terms and variants. Apart from focusing on valuable keywords, build specific pages that are specifically for these keywords.

  1. Smart blogging

Content is the “king”, no doubt! But there are a lot of businesses that write blogs and articles without any clear purpose. In order to have your website rank for the right keywords, write smart bogs that can educate your audience and influence them to buy your product as well.

Furthermore, guest blogging on other websites is an ideal form of marketing as it exposes your brand to a vast audience, create powerful linkbacks and builds personal brand.

  1. Host a Q & A on social Media

Questions and Answers session is a great way to interact with your audience, especially since social media has turned it into a viral interactive experience. It allow potential customers to found the companies, follow them and interact with them.

Although, social media isn’t the best source for conversions, engaging on social media is an effective method of inbound marketing. But having  a presence on social media is not enough, engage these social platforms. So, connect with your audience, answer their questions, ask them questions and respond to their tweets.

  1. Create a personal brand

To become a successful marketer, build your own personal brand. Anyone who is involved in marketing, need to create their personal brand, especially startups. It is quite impossible to separate yourself from your business. This is where using your personal brand to build your business makes a lot of sense.

An excellent way to make one product of yours stand out from many different ones is to create individual landing pages on your business website. This unique one pager will keep your visitors focused as in why they clicked on a link that will help in generating more sales.

Inbound marketing is the way to go!

Inbound marketing is one the most successful and popular form of marketing to grow your business. Above mentioned are just a few of the techniques, try them and see their impact on your business.

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