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4 Web Design Elements to Plan Your Site

Everyone typically has a wish list when it comes to web design but more often than not, that design doesn’t meet the requirements of the customers. You want the moon but the budget doesn’t allow for such things. This is where most businesses become sidetracked, and the project lags between concepts to execution. Everyone will be motivated to jump in, but a few factors need to be considered, like the mood of the site, and how your web design should verbalize the effect. Magneto web design from Yoma can help your business build a website that will meet all of your customer’s needs. The easiest method to kick-off a web design project is by building an easy project plan. Developing a project plan for a web design project can help streamline many of the tasks while keeping your launch date in sight. There is a web design process that can quickly get your site up and running.

Web Design Elements to Plan Your Site

  1. Design; there is no need to pull hair out. Simply focus on designing the right site for the right crowd. Customers always have at least one thing that makes them hesitant to engage in the offer. Simplify your design in such a way that it banishes any barriers.

  1. Navigation; studies show that users will leave a site if they cannot wrap their brain around where to go, and what to do. Visitors bombarded with too many options become frustrated.

  1. Consistency; when visitors come to the site, they quickly look around to see what you’re offering. Follow your visual and navigation elements from the homepage to all the sub-pages. For example, buttons should be found in the same places on each page.

  1. Site map; every website should include a site map that displays all the pages, and how they interconnect. A site map will provide every bit of content that’s available to your visitor. It’s a strategic blueprint that gives you a birds-eye view of every detail.

Finally, before your date to go-live with your site, look over the web design to make sure it makes sense. When visitors land on your page will they understand the message you’re trying to convey? End users will be the final judge of a good web design, and when all else fails, use the site map to tweak your work.

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