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5 Tips To Decrease Your Rubbish Removal After a Party

So, your best friend’s birthday is coming up and you want to throw her a party. However, you’re feeling a little guilty thinking about all the rubbish you had to clear after your last party. You want to find ways to reduce that big pile of rubbish removal and make your party a shining example of sustainability and heartfelt green compassion for your guests, the planet, and all humankind.

Congratulations! You have become a person of conscience, a human being we can all admire and love! If you don’t know at first how to accomplish your goal, don’t worry, we’re here to help. Luckily, your goal may not be as tall an order as you may think! Below, you will find five easy ways to very significantly reduce your after party rubbish removal pile and make sure the rubbish you do create is recycled as much as possible.

Rubbish Removal After a Party

1. Use Real Plates, Real Forks, and Real Glasses

Most people who throw a party in the 21st century think they have to go out and stock up on paper plates, plastic glasses, and plastic cutlery. Throw a party like your great grandparents did! You’ll reduce your rubbish removal by a tremendous amount just by using real plates, real forks, and real glasses. Your guests will appreciate this too because it will make them feel extra special. If you don’t have enough for the number of guests you’re inviting, no problem! Borrow some from friends and neighbors, put a request on Freegle or Freecyle, or purchase some at a second hand shop. You may even want to find a really special one for the birthday girl or boy! If you don’t have room to store them when you’re done, no problem! Just give them away again on Freegle or Freecycle!

2. Request Reusable Gift Bags or Fabric Gift Wrapping

According to C B Environmental Group, eighty-three square kilometers of wrapping paper is placed in UK rubbish bins every Christmas! That’s more than thirty-two square miles which covers more area than most cities. You can likely double that figure if you include gift wrapping for all other special occasions. To make your party more sustainable, request directly on your invitations that people bring their birthday gifts in reusable gift bags or fabric gift wrapping where the fabric can be easily put to other good uses. The best part about this rubbish removal reducing tip is it may catch on with several of your guests. In this way, you can multiple your sustainability efforts many times over!

3. Don’t Use Paper Napkins or Paper Towels

Another big “no no” if you want to make your party more sustainable, and create less rubbish removal, is to never use paper napkins or paper towels for cleanups. Instead, put out reusable and washable cloth napkins and have old dish towels and big towels on hand for cleaning up any accidents that may occur. Again, you’ll be setting a great example to your guests and they may follow your lead the next time they throw a party. You may even become a trend setter in your whole neighborhood and or among your circle of friends!

4. Green Up Your Decorations and Invitations

On your invitations, go paperless as much as possible. For people who still live in the stone ages when it comes to electronics, use fully compostable paper and encourage them to bring their invitation so you can compost it for them. For decorations, try using potted plants and flowers instead of fresh cut flowers that will die soon or cut some from your own yard and then compost them after the party. Make table centerpieces out of recycled and reclaimed materials and save these for future uses. Find biodegradable and compostable balloons and ribbons and put these in your compost pile after the party, not your rubbish removal bin.

5. Order a Clearabee Beebag

Clearabee’s Beebags come in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large. They fold out in the shape of a bin and you can fill them yourself and then call Clearabee to pick it up when you’re done. Since you’re aiming to decrease your after party rubbish removal needs, we suggest you order a smaller size.

Once you order a Beebag, it will arrive in the post the next day flat packed. You can leave it this way until you are ready to use it so it take up less space. Don’t worry because it takes less than a minute to expand the Beebag once you need it so there’s no worries there. The biggest advantage to using Clearabee’s Beebag service is that you can rest assured that they will put every effort into taking your rubbish to a place where it will be recycled, rather than put in a landfill! Clearabee has an amazing 90% recycle rate for all their rubbish removal!

Have fun and party hardy! Please also pass on these sustainability tips for reducing rubbish after parties.

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