5 Top Seo Mistakes To Avoid In 2018

The contemporary online commerce space features a cut-throat competition. With almost every business vying to dominate the search engines, the battle is no doubt tough. Such a fierce scenario leaves practically no room for mistakes. Be it with the keyword targeting or the page speed, you have to ensure flawless optimization. However, mistakes are not uncommon for newbies starting out with their SEO campaign for the first time. Are you too on your way to draft your first SEO campaign? Well, much to your convenience, here is a list of top SEO mistakes to avoid in 2018.

Top Seo Mistakes To Avoid In 2018

No long-tail keywords

2018 is expected to see a surge in voice-search queries over the type-based searches. And, websites must arrange its contents, especially the keywords to complement the new trend. Thus, it will be a serious mistake to stick to traditional short keywords for your contents. Instead, focus mostly on long-tail keywords that can match the voice-based search queries. So, rather than “Chinese restaurant Austin”, stress should be more on “Chinese restaurant Austin near me”.

Improper or inconsistent NAP

Local SEO Austin is crucial when you are planning to target local audience in the city. Now, NAP is a big factor in local SEO. It’s a key metric which Google banks on to rank a local business in search results. The search engine giant cross references the NAP data of a business with several sites. Thus, you are committing a serious mistake if you are not careful about maintaining a consistent NAP on all sites where you upload your information. Put simply, your business NAP must be same on Google My Business Page, your website, social media page and the review directories. If you change any part of your NAP, say address, be quick to update the new data on all sites simultaneously.

Slow page speed

Google is increasingly stressing on improved user experience as a major metric for ranking of late. Page speed is one of the significant factors that can influence or affect user experience on a website. Thus, slow page speed will affect your ranking big time. You have to ensure your page loads in no more than 5 seconds. One of the biggest factors affecting page speed is large images. Experts advise to compress images before upload to pique page speed.

Mobile unresponsiveness

Google is extremely strict about mobile-first indexing of late given that mobile searches have surpassed desktop ones. With mobile-first indexing, the ranking of a website will be decided by how it fares with the mobile viewers. Thus, mobile unresponsiveness is a strict no-no in the contemporary digital market. You have to ensure your website is compatible with small screened browsing devices along with desktops or laptops.

No Cross browser compatibility

If you are aspiring to reach wider audience, you have to make your site and content are available on all browsing platforms online. Don’t make the mistake of limiting your website to solely the most popular browser, like Chrome. There are many online users who still use Internet Explorer for browsing. The bottom-line is to make sure your website or content is compatible with all desktop/laptop and mobile browsers.

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