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Actionable Social Media Marketing Tips For Financial Services

Savings accounts and mortgage loans may not be the trending topics on social media but it doesn’t mean you should not be talking about them on your social media accounts. You just need to treat them in a way to make them easily approachable, interesting and relevant. Social media is a great place for banks, financial institutions and credit unions can promote several financial services effectively and communicate with existing and prospective customers while achieving measurable business outcomes.

As we all know that a business needs to market its products and services effectually for ultimate growth and industry of financial services is no different. In this era of mobile technology, social media can be leveraged as a powerful marketing strategy for financial services, and here is how financial advisors, loan providers and insurance agents can use social media marketing to put themselves in front of the target audience.

Social Media Marketing Tips For Financial Services

Know Who You’re Targeting

As everyone is on social media these days, it could be a great way to reach millions of people who are looking for instant loans, investment opportunities, insurance policies and other financial services. LinkedIn and Facebook both have thousands of groups where people share a common interest get together. If there is the audience to whom you wish to market your financial products or services, you should hang out where they hang out. It could be a right way to reach target audience and respond their queries to keep them engaged with your business.

Engage with others and respond to prospects’ queries

If you are logging in to your social media accounts once a month, then you are missing a lot of opportunities to convert your social media followers into your valuable customers/clients. And if you are active and sharing engaging content on social media related to your industry, you need to keep a proper track of responses and feedback given by your followers. Doing social media marketing right is real relationship building that can help you get more leads. Keep sharing things like how your financial services business is doing, recent success stories, customer testimonials and awards etc. can keep your followers engaged with your business. However, you should be responding to prospects’ queries as soon as possible. It will also help you build brand loyalty and reliability.

Use content curation to boost engagement and followers

Ability to find awesome content about industry or topic that interest us is one of the big reasons people check your social media profiles often. In recent couple of years social media has rapidly become one of the major resources of news and trends in any walk of life and people visit their social media feeds to check things they are interested in. That is the reason, content curation could be a plus point for you to increase user engagement and followers too. Just find interesting and engaging content related to your industry and keep sharing with consistency while promoting your financial services and products.

Industry Insights

As social media provides you with the ability to share valuable and useful information with your followers, you can become an industry leader who understands the consumer needs and provide them with latest industry news and trends. In order to become a reputable banking resource, credit union, financial institute or insurance agent, keep sharing relevant and informative content related to your industry like personal finance tips, investment advice, industry updates, international economical changes and so on. It will also boost the supporting nature your financial service company or business among competitors to help you stand out.

Jump onto Trending and Relevant Hashtags

If you are struggling hard to get your social media content seen by people already following or not following you on social media, you are not alone on this path. Several social media platforms need you to put some money behind your content to make it seen by people you wish. But if you don’t have cash to spend on your content for its promotion, you can use relevant hashtags to increase organic reach of your content. When you add most relevant and trending hashtags in your content to be published on social media profiles, you actually make your content visible to more people who search those hashtags. It not only increases your content reach, but also helps you boost followers, user engagement and convert social media followers into valuable leads and customers. As you can see trending hashtags on Twitter, create content for any of them if relevant to your industry and reach more audience effectively.

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