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Are You Getting Any Value From Cheap Hosting?

Novice bloggers are at crossroads when choosing a blog host. With so many offers and every review seemingly paid for and biased, who do you trust before making this make or break decision? Well, unlike a bad personal injury lawyer BC, who could ruin your case, you can always change your host in the future if you don’t get the value you deserve. It’s never that serious.

Why should you be wary of cheap hosts?

Cheap Hosting

Cheap Is Cheap

Okay, they say cheap is expensive, and that couldn’t be more true. One of the biggest factors in web ranking is in the loading speed, which is determined by bandwidth, RAM, and the server’s capabilities. Most cheap hosts will only allocate you limited space, and so you will have more down than uptime. They are also probably using dated technology that is already slow. As for protocol options, you are limited.

Security and Customer Care

A cheap host will have lots of people to attend to, and so your request will not be more urgent than the rest on the line. Your queries will end up in a queue, which is not something you want when your site is down. You are also prone to hacking, seeing as many hackers will top for this type of host who has too many clients to take any serious measures on security. The probability for hacking already affects your ranking.

Security and Customer Care

Frustratingly slow

You Do Everything

You will be doing everything yourself, seeing as your host will be too busy to attend to you in time. The set-up (which is pretty basic if you are IT savvy) is entirely up to you, and you will have to devise ways to get back up when the site goes down. You also have limited themes and design options. What is the value of your time? If you spend more time doing host duties than you are creating content, then you are not getting any value for your few dollars.

Free Hosting?

Don’t even think of free services if you want the search engines to take your blog serious. If you are too stingy to spend on hosting, then you certainly aren’t serious about your business, and the engines will treat it as such: a hobby that you will probably outgrow.

Move Already

Will it hurt your rankings if you change hosts? Not really. The search engines will stabilize after you have made the move and you can pick up from where you left. Interestingly, those better (and even great) hosts are not as expensive as you may think, especially when you choose a long-term package. You will enjoy the good speed and zero downtime, as well as excellent customer care.

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