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Ask Your Web Host These Questions

Designing a website is indeed a tedious task, and that is why it is common for one to engage a web design company to do all that work for you. However, designing a website is just the beginning. One has to also worry about the hosting especially if your web designer is only designing your website and does not offer any hosting packages to you.

Here are the factors that you would need to consider before you engage your hosting provider.

Ask Your Web Host These Questions


Yes, hosting makes a difference in your website’s speed. Basically, every website needs to be hosted by a hosting company. They help to host your website on what we call servers. It allows your website to be viewed on the internet whenever someone clicks on your website link or keys in your website URL on their browser. If your website is just hosted on one server from another country and not locally, then local users will experience slower page loads as they are further away from the server.

One of the solutions is to either get your website to be hosted in a more premium server or get your hosting company to set up your website hosting in a content distribution network (CDN), which helps to distribute your website’s files throughout data centres across the globe and delivers the data to visitors through the data centre that is closest to them.


Other than website’s speed, the next thing to take note if the hosting capacity. Is your site hosting competent enough to handle a large amount of traffic on your website at one go?


The next thing to ask is the hosting company’s reliability. Website at times do go down at time due to failure in the hosting system. Usually hosting companies offering cheap hosting packages tend to store your data files in a shared hosting system, which is less reliable and you can be sure that your website might go down when there is a sudden spike in web traffic.


If you notice at the top of your browser where the URL is often keyed in, you may have seen sites that have an http:// and sites which have an https:// instead. The S actually stands for “secure”. This indicates that your website is encrypted with a SSL certificate.

Not only does it give you the assurance that your website is secure, but having a SSL certificate also prevents you from being penalized by Google’s algorithm.

In conclusion, it is important that you ask your hosting company these 4 questions before choosing to engage with them.

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