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How To Gain Muscle Mass The Healthy Way

Every man looks better with a little buffed up muscles. Unfortunately, not all men get to build muscle as much as they’d like to. If you are in this category, you are at the right place. You have the potential to pack as much muscle as you can but, you won’t be able to if you are doing it wrong?

Before we get started on increasing muscle mass, let’s take a look at the basics – hitting the gym as hard as humanly possible is important in ensuring you build up your biceps but, that isn’t all. Your pump, in the form of the heart and subsequently blood flow feeds muscle cells with the nutrients needed for growth and regeneration, as well as protein synthesis. Also, although food is important, you won’t get immediate gratification from it.

As a Diamond and Diamond Mississauga lawyer, you will need to implement the following strategies to add bulk:

Gain Muscle Mass

  1. Protein. Protein

Protein is the source of fuel for your muscles. To make sure you are fueling with enough proteins, you should consider adding more proteins to your normal intake. For the most effective results, take one gram of protein for every pound of body weight. In simple terms, you have to eat to buff up.

Since proteins stimulate muscle growth, they are the only macronutrients that promote muscle growth. So, for muscle gain, incorporate some proteins in there.

Here is the catch though, it doesn’t mean chowing down everything you can. To build or rebuild your muscles, you’ll need to avoid an extremely high-caloric intake as that will only increase your body fat. That means that you will need to cut down intake of sundaes and pizza.

 The rule of the thumb is increasing your calories by 500 daily to gain muscle.

  1. Keep working on your major muscles

When starting out, any exercise will stimulate protein synthesis and subsequent muscle mass gain. However, with time, you will need to focus attention on your major muscles. Work on your leg chest, and back muscles. In addition to your daily exercise routine, you should incorporate deadlifts, squats, pull-ups, dips, bench presses, military presses, and bent-over rows. Repeating these exercises goes a long way in building your muscles.

  1. Rest every other day

Participating in a tough workout boosts protein synthesis for up to a maximum of 48 hours post your workout. This is because protein synthesis is higher when you are resting because of the high human growth hormone. Therefore, you should get more rest and sleep after an intense workout.

You also need to give your body time to recover. That is possible only if you rest three or four days in a week.

  1. Take a stiff drink (Shakes)

Drinking a shake with carbohydrates and amino acids before a workout increases your protein synthesis better than drinking that shake after working out. Scientists promote this as an effective strategy seeing as there is an increased blood flow to the muscle tissues when working out and this leads to a greater uptake of the nutrients. Keep in mind that liquid drinks get absorbed faster.

Final thoughts

Be realistic. While you may have a goal to have a body as great as a celebrity’s, you can’t have that body in three months. In some cases, you may never have such a body because the celebrities set unrealistic goals. Instead of frustrating and stressing your body, you should work on improving yourself. You should also limit cardio workouts, eat regularly, stretch your muscles and incorporate whole body workouts.

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