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How to Get More Likes and Followers on Instagram

Instagram is a lot more fun when you have many people following you! Like any other social media platforms, the more followers you have, the more likes you get. Anyone in the social media culture knows that being Instagram famous is actually a big thing.

While you are on summer tutoring programs, platforms like Instagram keep you company and connected to the world. Well if you feel that it’s time you gained more followers and started getting more likes on your posts, here are tips that can help you:

Likes and Followers on Instagram

  1. Make Your Posts Timely

You need to consider your audience’s time zones for you to figure out what time most people will be likely to see your post. Most Instagram users log in on their way to work or school, which is in the morning and evening.

Therefore you need to figure out which are the best times to post your photos. The least favorable time is in the middle of the night because, by the time your followers see it, it is buried into their feeds. If you are active enough, you can post throughout the day.

  1. Hashtags are Your Friend

Using popular hashtags will make your photos and post more visible even to people who do not follow you. Get on the bandwagon of trendy hashtags like #tbt #ootd #instagood and the likes. If you have no idea which hashtags are popular, just Google.

However, limit the hashtags. Too many hashtags might put off your follows. Putting a hashtag paragraph below your caption makes the post unappealing. Limit the hashtags to 2-3 relevant hashtags.

  1. Host an Instagram Content

This will be a great way to engage with your existing followers as well as get new followers fast. Instagram is one of the platforms where contests are popular, leverage that.

  1. Ask Questions Using Photo Captions

One way that will guarantee more likes on your photos is using the photo’s caption to ask an interesting question. Your follows will dive into your comment section and like the photo while at it.

  1. Share Candid Shots

People do not like to see polished images all the time, they also prefer images that are less edited and more relatable.

  1. Use Instagram Videos

Videos have become the latest and most popular means to engage your fans and followers. With the new live video segment, you can even engage directly with your followers. It makes you bond more with them and makes it easier for them to associate with you.

  1. Show Love to Your Followers

When a follower likes many of your posts, show some love by shouting them out. You can snap the likes feed, post it, and then tag them with an appreciation message. You will be surprised how an act of appreciation gets you more followers.

  1. Leverage Your Instagram Bio

The first thing people look at when they come across your page, especially if you have a private account, is your bio. Use the bio space to define yourself in simple words and add links to your blog or other social media pages.

  1. Follow Back

People like following people that follow them back! Some followers tend to unfollow you after a couple of days if they notice that you didn’t follow them back. Therefore, if you are looking to gain more followers and keep it that way, you might have to follow back, unless you are a celebrity then you don’t really have to.

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