Learn The Basics About: How to Start a Blog

If you’re pulled by this article since you want to know how to start a blog, then you came to the right place. In this outing, we will tell you the primary steps you need in order to start your own blog.

How to Start a Blog

The first step in creating your own blog would be to choose what would be your Blogging Concept. There would be numerous selections that you can pick from, here are the some examples:

  • Gaming

  • Reviews

  • Travel

  • Politics

  • Editorial

  • Fashion/Beauty/Style

  • Food

  • Cars and Automobiles

  • Love and Relationships

  • Your expertise

  • Your business

Once you have picked up your concept, you can start to think about the purpose of your blog. This will be affect how you attract people to your blog and here some examples of the purposes your blog might serve:

  • To teach something. If it is your expertise, then teach the world your ways sempai.

  • Updates on the latest trends and innovations. This especially applies to those who have access to pre-launches, prototype releases, amongst others.

  • For lead generation in your business. If you want to drive sales to your business, you need to provide them with information in return.

  • For developing inspiration. If you have just recently overcome an obstacle in your life, or beat a serious illness, then this might be a good reason for your blog.

After you decide on your purpose, it’s time to do some spy work. Know your competition and check what they do. Copying is the mother of invention, so draw inspiration from thought leaders in your niche. See what draws engagement from their blogs, or their style.

Once you have a grip of what your direction on your blog, it’s time to brainstorm your blog name. This will be an important aspect of your road to blogging since this will highly influence how the first mention of your blog name will be impressed on the mind of your readers. Choose your armament well soldier!

The second to the last step is to choose your keywords or target key phrases. You want to make sure the appropriate audience is reached for your keywords. Do some keyword research and select the keywords you would want to target for your blog for better searchability.

Lastly, choose where to host and create your blog. You have a couple of options here. Blogger is owned by Google and it’s easy to use. If you are about micro-blogging, then Tumblr might be a good option. It has a steeper learning curve, but WordPress is also an option since its gives you much more flexibility in what you can do with your blog.

Whatever path you choose, make sure you dedicate your time and effort into it to make your blogging more successful. If you have any other friends that needs to know how to start a blog of their own, just tell them about this article so they can be as knowledgeable as you too.

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