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MilesWeb – Best VPS hosting provider for business websites

Normal web hosting plans are cheaper and user friendly, but the qualitative web hosting  service will keep consistency in your business performance. Are you looking to switch your existing web hosting plan and don’t have the budget to buy a dedicated server? In that case VPS is the best solution to host your website. This article will help you to learn about the best VPS hosting provider that you can select to host your business website. It offers the cheapest VPS hosting that helps to maintain the same consistency in the performance.

Why VPS Hosting?

If you are using shared or web hosting plan and getting heavy traffic on the website then it’s time to switch your plan to VPS hosting.  Because shared or web hosting plan will not meet your requirement, as your resources will get consumed rapidly. Therefore, opting for VPS would be beneficial for your website as you will get plenty of resources. VPS hosting acts as an intermediary between shared and dedicated hosting. Even though other users are sharing the same server, your performance will not get affected. The server is safe and secure because you get the complete access to manage your own server. With VPS hosting, every user gets the separate RAM, storage space, CPU cores.

Why MilesWeb VPS?

There are multiple website hosting India providers available in the hosting industry that are serving people from a decade, right? You must be thinking why I am recommending you MilesWeb? Even though other providers exist in the market for a longer period still they lack behind in terms of providing qualitative service. Here, MilesWeb is a hero that looks after customer satisfaction and aims to provide quality service with an affordable price. MilesWeb is located in Nashik, Maharashtra. They offer four plans in VPS hosting starting from Smart at Rs. 585/mo and followed by Value at Rs. 1170/mo, Plus at Rs. 1560/mo and Rapid at Rs. 2437.50/mo. Their support team is available 24*7 and they are reachable via chat, mails and phone.





Features offered by MilesWeb:-

1) Cloud infrastructure

2) KVM Hypervisor

3) Free VPS management

4) SSH and Root Access

5) India and US datacenter

6) Free VPS migration

7) Solid state drives

8) Host multiple sites

9) Instant provisioning

10) Robust Infrastructure

11) No setup fee

12) Instant Upgrade

13) 24*7*365 support

14) 30 day money back

15) 99.95% uptime

Customer Reviews:-

Customer Reviews

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Benefits of using VPS hosting for the business:-

1) Flexible:

Being a VPS user, you get full flexibility to do anything on the server because it is your separate server. You can easily control the activities such as server management, application installation or un-installation.etc. While monitoring your server you don’t need to worry about the hosting resource of other user. You can focus on business expansion because your provider looks after all the management.

2) Root access:-

In comparison to shared hosting, you get full root access on the server.

3) Security:-

With VPS hosting, you don’t need to worry about the security as in shared hosting, because separate server is allocated to all the users. Additionally, due to the easy server customization, you can enable/disable the security settings.

4) No resource sharing:-

With shared hosting, you share the resources with all users. If any site faces the issue related to overloading, this might affect your website as well. VPS hosting assures your website will not get affected because you are not sharing the server resources with multiple websites.

5) Avail standard features:-

Once you decide to upgrade to VPS hosting, by default you are availing the standard features. MilesWeb VPS offers superior features such as KVM Hypervisor, managed VPS, solid state drive, SSH and root access, etc.

6) Server monitoring:-

The hosting provider like MilesWeb will take care of your VPS server 24*7 and make sure that your server is safe all the time. However, you are offered security features for your server to defend against virtual threats like DDos attacks, malicious software and hackers.

7) Management and support:-

Likewise, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting allows you to control your own server. The hosting company offers support and management service to deal with administrative activities. This is helpful, if you are newbie to VPS hosting.

8) Backup plan:-

MilesWeb offers cloud back up plan at just Rs.99/ mo where you can store your files and databases. While signing up, it’s your decision whether to include it or not in your plan.


VPS hosting offers “n” numbers of benefits that take your website to the top in search engine. Due to growing demand, you will get VPS plan at an affordable cost. Try MilesWeb and experience a qualitative service.

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