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Most Prevalent Languages That Translation Companies in Miami Cover

Miami is a city placed on the Atlantic coast in southeastern Florida and the province seat of Miami-Dade County, the populated county in Florida and the eighth-most populated county in the United States with a population of 2,500,625. According to the US Census Bureau, Miami’s metro area is the seventh most populated and fifth-largest urban area in the United States, with an estimated population of 5,547,051 in 2009. In 2010, Miami listed seventh in the United States regarding finance, commerce, culture, fashion, education, entertainment, and other sectors. It ranked thirty-third among global cities.

Miami is one of the America’s greatest cities, and a renowned center of finance, commerce, trade, arts, media, and television, as well as the place of the world’s largest tourist cruise port. As a consequence of our Hispanic and Latino majority, Spanish is the prevalent language spoken in many parts of the city. That indicates a majority of business also takes place in Spanish and may need English translation, or from English to Spanish translation. English Spanish translation is the most prevalent language pair that every translation companies in Miami cover.

Translation Companies in Miami Cover

Moreover, Miami is a significant tourist target for travelers from around the globe. As we mentioned Miami is a global hub to the Americas, and with a large population of Hispanics, the majority of the population speaks Spanish. This is significant to note as there is a strong liking to have conversations in Spanish as well as English. For any business seeking to join the Miami market, having quality Spanish translations is a must. You can find nearly every variety of Spanish in Miami including Spanish from Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico,  Peru, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, and Spain. With nearly 35% of the population with a close Cuban family, Cuban Spanish is generally heard on the streets. With a large Haitian community, Creole is another common language expressed in Miami.

As Europeans and Asians move to South Florida due to the positive real estate prices, the demand for quality translations in languages other than Spanish is growing at a breakneck speed. In Miami, Haitian Creole is the third most spoken language following Spanish and English. French, Portuguese, Italian, Tagalog, German, Russian, Chinese, Greek, Arabic are some of the other languages that translation companies in Miami cover.

Not only is Miami multilingual (you can hear Spanish, Creole, French, Portuguese, Russian, and of course, English, all in the same street block), it’s events, meeting and training also reflect this language diversity.

Language Access and Language Translation in Miami, Florida

  • According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 70.2% of Miami residents speak only Spanish at home.
  • Native-born Miami citizens are generally younger than foreign-born citizens.
  • 56.4% of Miami’s population is foreign-born, ranking it 2nd in the United States for foreign-born population by percentage. Hialeah, Florida ranks 1st at 74.4%.
  • At 39.8%, the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach area has the highest percentage of Spanish speakers in the country, a total of 2,091,782.
  • Miami has a relatively high number of residents that are native French Creole speakers. Approximately 13.36x what would be expected.

About 36.92% of Miami’s population is foreign-born.

  • Miami county accounts for 3% of the Limited English-proficient population in the U.S.

With this high number of Spanish speakers in the city, a professional translation and interpretation service provider is in very high demand. If you are in business and you wish to reach the large Hispanic community in Miami, it is best to partner with a professional company that would be able to provide fast, accurate and guaranteed translation services; a group that is available anytime of the day wherever you are, and would gladly serve you whatever the size of your project is.

Miami is a beautiful place to live; however, if you are an employer, business person, or need to get around, you will find that Spanish translation and interpreting services can be of great benefit to you to cater to your present Hispanic clients or employees.

If you want to succeed in the Miami business community, it is imperative that you can communicate with other business people throughout the community in their native language. Miami is home to a diverse landscape of cultures and is considered an international financial and cultural center. Around 3.5 million Florida residents speak a language other than English, so it’s no wonder that the demand for translation services in the Miami area continues to grow. A significant number of the Miami population speaks Spanish, despite that there are several imperative languages spoken in Miami. Therefore, the best translation companies in Miami provide accurate translation services to their clients. The need for multifaceted translation services in Miami has never been higher than it is now.

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