Secure Your Domain Name With These Do’s And Don’ts

Choosing a domain name for the website is a tedious task. The right domain name is an essential part of the search engines as well as the target audiences. You can pick up a domain name depending on your business niche. For a powerful online presence, it is important to make your brand stronger, more credible and engaging.  Before actually going in depth about domain name, first we will understand the concept of domain name and importance of the same.  Basically, domain name is a user-friendly name system that allows people to easily browse web servers and web pages. It is difficult to remember IP address of the domain, so domain name came into existence which converts the IP address to a character string. A character string is easy to remember while accessing any website. Domain name is a combination of letters and numbers. Moreover, domain name plays a vital role in the way people discover you online. Most of the SEO experts consider and say that it is the first impression that potential visitors get of you and your website as well.

Worried About Securing A Domain Name

Do: Include a location or keywords in the domain name, if you can.

According to the geographic region, you can add a location and keywords in domain name. For e.g., If you’re working in UK and web hosting is your business niche as well as your keyword then you can choose your domain name as www.

Do: Remember to renew your domain name registration

Always remember the renewal date of your domain name registration.  Actually, it depends on the service provider you’re choosing. If your domain name gets expired then it might be the possibility that someone else buys your domain.

Do: Research when choosing your registrar

Domain management is essential and it enhances if your registrar’s products include web hosting, a free email address, and domain privacy.  Always make sure your registrar has been in business for a long time and has a good reputation in the market.

Do: Keep your contact details up to date

Keep your contact details up to date so that if you face any issue or want to renew your plan, it will be easy to get in touch with the registrar.

Don’t: Use dashes, abbreviations or numbers in your domain name.

Try to make sure your domain name is simple and easy to remember.  A user may forget to use the hyphens, or put them in the wrong place when browsing your address landing on to a different website.

Don’t: Waste money on extensions other than .com or .org

First try to focus on the domain name such as .com, .ca, .org. etc. If you’re not getting the mentioned domain names then that time prefer the domains like  .net, .co. in or similar to that.

Don’t: Buy a domain without checking into its past

Before choosing a domain name always make sure to survey for the same. The main reason behind this is, if you don’t see their past record then it will be difficult for you to manage your domain name and get after sales service.

Don’t: Pick a name that is longer than 15 characters

Don’t go for the complex domain name. Keep your domain name as simple as that and easy to type/sell. Also, remember it is easy to pronounce and remember.

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At the time of buying a new domain, if you find the best choice for a domain then register it immediately because someone else may register it, if you delay. These are some simple guidelines which you need to follow when you’re choosing and securing your domain name.

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