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Tactics to Increase Downloads for your Mobile App

Once you have done with app development, all it takes is the right know-how about app marketing, little effort and determination to bring your newly built mobile app to the attention of the masses. With the huge competition on both app stores, the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, it could be extremely challenging to convince users to download your app.

However, below we have mentioned some of the best mobile app marketing techniques that can help you increase downloads for your mobile app without breaking the bank.

Focus on App Store Optimization (ASO)

App store optimization should be one of your main concerns when it comes to promote a mobile app for more downloads. It is all about improving the visibility of an app in app store by optimizing metadata aspects such as app title, description of the app, use of target keywords, tags, screenshots and app icon etc. It helps users to find your app in app stores easily. Number of positive reviews and downloads can also have a great impact on the visibility of an app in app stores. Mobile app marketing companies and industry experts suggest users to improve app store optimization in order to get more downloads by increasing app visibility.

Build a Strong Online Presence for your Mobile App

Increased brand awareness can help you provide more downloads and positive reviews as well. So, try to push your mobile app everywhere on the internet. You can start it by creating a classy and appealing website or landing page. These days, one doesn’t need to be master in the web development in order to build a landing page or website as a plenty of website builders and CMSs are available on the web with affordable rates. By doing so, you are able to publish and spread informative and useful content about your app that users can find through search engines. One should be using the app’s icon color scheme and fonts while building a website to increase brand visibility and awareness.

Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing

Promotion of a mobile app via influencers marketing is one of the most effective tactics to increase downloads for your apps. This is not a novel but has become a superbly effective marketing tool due to the extensive use of social media. People love to use or do something their favorite celebrities or personalities do. So, why not to contact a relevant influencer in your industry to see an amazing boost in downloads of your app?

Social Media Never Gets Old

Creating profiles on different social media sites could also be a great idea to present your mobile app in front of a wider audience. The best thing about social media marketing is that you can target a specific location and audience with particular interests, age, and gender etc. Social Media can help you a lot build community around your app and to increase brand recognition.

App Listing Services

Adding your app to app discovery platforms with all essential details is another good idea to make your mobile app easy to find. You should be creative in finding the best service and category that matches to what your app offers. It will take a few efforts and provide you with many downloads for your app.

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