The Only 5 Topic Research Tools You Need to Write a Killer Content

All content marketing strategies share the same goal: to write a relevant content that appears on the first page of search results, is actually read by the target audience, and converts readers into customers.

However, even the best content marketing researchers dry out of creative juices at times that now and again, they’re clueless on what topic to write about next. It is during these instances when topic research tools effectively come into play.

From keyword planner tools to trending topic generators, there is a wealth of tools available to help you all throughout the topic research process. But, don’t let these number drive you into further confusion as you only need a few of them to guarantee your planning is a success – and in this article, M2Live lists 5 of them.

Write a Killer Content

1. Google AdWords

For: identifying highly-searched keywords

Starting off this list is Google AdWords. Although technically used for advertising, the tool has a hidden gem that is the Keyword Planner. Its primary function is to help you build a strong keyword list by generating keyword ideas, along with some useful data such as their average monthly search volume and competition feedback. In a nutshell, the free-to-use feature is particularly useful for optimizing your content to increase its chances of appearing in search engine results.

2. Google Trends

For: real-time trending topics

Google Trends is a free tool that helps you discover trending topics in real time. If you search for a particular term, you will have access to a significant amount of relevant data including how often the terms are searched for on Google based on region and country, and over different time frames ranging from 2004 up to the past hour. By having this information, it’ll be easy for you to estimate when a specific topic will likely trend and time your content when the majority of users will be searching for it.

For example, the Academy Awards only happens once a year. By using Google Trends, you can spot when readers are starting to talk about it weeks prior, and plan your content ahead of everybody else so you’ll be the first to catch the wave.

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3. Moz Keyword Explorer

For: discovering and prioritizing the best keywords to target

In a keyword research, it’s not only the search volume that matters but, the competition as well. However, gauging it used to be very time consuming and it wasn’t until Moz introduced its own paid tool when you can already automate most of the process – from generating new keywords down to building a priority list. Type in a few keywords and you’ll get access to valuable information from volume, competition as well as difficulty and opportunity scores.

4. Buzzsumo

For:  content insights and social monitoring

Buzzsumo boasts a great number of tools that can save you hours of time with your topic research. Among these include:

  • Content Insights – Discover what people are searching across multiple sites, identify which topics are gaining the most engagement, and how much attention they’re receiving.
  • Alerts – Setup keyword alerts so you get notified when a relevant content is published, so you can further improve your own marketing efforts.
  • Competitor Analysis – Get an insider report about what your competitors are doing as well as what is and what’s not working for them, so you know where you stand in against your competitors.

5. SEMRush

SEMRush is best known for offering unique metrics that help improve your content marketing strategies. It has features that you keep track of the keywords that drive organic traffic to your competitor websites and get a clear picture of how you stand up against them. In December 2017, it also launched its own topic research tools that streamline the process of content creation itself. All you have to do is type in a topic (and filter by specific location, if necessary) and get access to over 2 million keyword ideas, headlines and other related searches which are prioritized based on the search volume, difficulty and topic efficiency.

Topic research is a never-ending process – not to mention, a time-consuming one. Back then, one would need to spend several days to pull everything together. But, with the help of these tools, you can now do the same amount of work in a few minutes. Explore these tools together and see how much easier it will be to capitalize on your content marketing strategies!

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