Tips for Success of Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

It isn’t a stand-alone digital marketing strategy, but it is a strategy you should include in your marketing plan.

But, with more companies embracing influencers for marketing, most marketers commit content marketing suicide by not paying enough attention to the strategy that works or even listening to their influencers.

Here is what you should know about influencers – they are brand evangelists paid to make your business look good. These evangelists are often YouTubers, bloggers and social media celebrities who use their huge following on different social media platforms to their advantage.

Brands use these influencers to spread the gospel about their products ensuring that the company’s social media rich increases. And, but, who can blame them more than 55 percent of online and social media users trust every word written by a blogger. For that reason, you shouldn’t get shocked when you find drug regulatory consultants using influencers. You can join in as well but, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Influencer Marketing Strategy

  • There are different forms of influencer marketing

To create a buzz for your campaign, you should know the best form of influencer marketing that will work for you. You can choose from banner ads, social media posts, sponsored blog posts, guest posts, and launch events. You can have an influencer backing your products advertised on any of these forms or events.

  • The types of influencers

 You have macro-influencers and micro-influencers. Macro-influencers have a large following, but they may not have a high engagement rate. On the other hand, micro-influencers have few followers but, their engagement rate is significant for your business.

  • Who is the right influencer?

Being a macro or a micro influencer doesn’t matter as much because you may not be the right fit for the company and a good marketer knows not to hire an influencer without vetting them.

The first thing to look at when vetting an influencer is their aesthetic appeal. Does it match your business and is it appealing to your audience? If there is a disconnect, the marketing campaign will fail. When looking for an influencer, ensure that their appearance and what they sell to the world aligns with the goals of your business. Match your influencer with your target audience and your brand identity.

  • Tools for finding influencers

Any marketer will tell you that looking for influencers is a time-consuming process. It is for that reason that apps and software applications were created. Some of the best places to find influencers include Traackr, BuzzSumo or Ifluenz. There also are agencies specializing in influencer marketing.

  • Don’t run what the influencer says

You can share a script, but you shouldn’t attempt to give them a script. Your words may not resonate with the influencer’s followers, and that means that the campaign will fail. Also, your influencer won’t feel motivated to market for you. Give your influencer some level of creative freedom.

  • Share the influencer’s marketing posts

Though you are the brand owner or the marketer, you should check the posts by the influencer, but you should also share that content on your social media pages for better exposure.

  • Incentivize the influencer

For marketing success, you should give your influencer an incentive. If the influence asks for a sample of your product before they review it, give it to them. An influencer will give the right and the most effective review if they have firsthand experience.

Final thoughts

Your influencer will have their unique way of handling things. Since their strategy worked for them, you should let them do things their way. You want results, don’t you?

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