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To Develop A Lean Way Of Thinking For Your Business Attend The Lean It Foundation Workshop

An individual must attend the workshop who wants his company to stand out in today’s competitive world. To stand out in such a hyper competitive economy, it is a difficult job. In order to develop your organization’s employees and their culture, aligning them to think in a lean way would take new and fresh management approach. During the adoption of lean management system, smart usage of the Information Technology is required. This would enhance your business performance and improves the customer service levels. It is also important to keep and maintain the quality and budget of the services provided. The best part is there is no prerequisites for attending the Lean IT foundation workshop. But it is recommended that the students must be familiar with the IT procedures in the software development field. The workshop helps you to prepare for the Lean IT foundation examination. We provide proper guidance and materials so that you can pass the examination in one shot.

Business Attend The Lean It Foundation Workshop

Benefits of attending the workshop

After the completion of the workshop, a candidate would familiar with the principles of the Lean frameworks and Information Technology.

  • Understand the importance of delivering customer value.
  • You will be able to know the principles of underlying the Lean framework.
  • The proper attitude would be known for development in IT organization.
  • Application of these Lean principles which could be applied in an IT organization.
  • This workshop would introduce you to the DMAIC model of problem solving.

Become proficient in project initiation with our Agile management classes

The Agile management would allow you to produce a smaller deliverable in a more effective and efficient way. This Agile management classes would help the Proficient Agile teams to develop their product, and programming, and business analysis. The Agile Management classes teaches how to manage your projects. It provides a knowledge about using an Agile and lean management methods. It gives a brief knowledge about the usage of different Agile tools such as Scrum and Kanban. The class starts with an introduction to the fundamental knowledge about the traditional project management. The next it teaches about the key concepts about the Artefacts, Scrum tool roles and processes. The other tools such as Information radiators like sprints is also taught by our experts in the classes. The classes would take you through the real life examples and help you to elaborate and find accurate solutions to perform your projects well, with lean and agile thinking.

Why are teams adopting Agile management methodologies?

  • Agile management is evolutionary which gives an opportunity to the teams to enhance upon it.
  • The Agile teams can manage shifting urgencies more efficiently.
  • The Agile team would have an increased productivity, which would help in completion of projects efficiently.
  • The team adopting agile system would have collaborating skills for troubleshooting the problems faced.
  • The team would help the individuals to prioritize the work and its features.
  • The agile team can make quick course decisions about the customer and stakeholder feedbacks.

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