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Top 5 Instagram Tips for Beginner’s

One of the hottest social network sites right now happens to be Instagram. Apart from being visually appealing and simple to access, it is also not very difficult to learn how to use Instagram and that has attracted millions from all over the world to use this.

With the digital age upon us, you have to make use of every platform available to make the most of the internet and apart from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn you should also tap in the popularity of Instagram to make your business a household name.

The best part about Instagram is that apart from posting and sharing pictures, Instagram also lets you to shop. That is the reason behind so many business pages in Instagram.

Top 5 Instagram Tips for Beginner's

So if you are thinking of venturing into the world of Instagram here are some Instagram tips that will help you to achieve success by mastering the world of Instagram. Have a look.

  • Consider the Content – Instagram happens to be a highly visual platform and so you must contemplate and plan ahead about the kind of posts that you plan to publish. You should also consider how the content can offer and enhance the eye-catching graphics or photographs that can drive the engagement. In the form of (looped) 15 seconds videos you can also publish videos on Instagram. Just being on the Travel & Leisure or Discovery does not help you generate quality visuals. You can also make it big on Instagram without belonging to such channels. All you have to do is to put to use your creative skills.  Check out what brands similar to you are doing and also consider what the other top brands even though are unrelated are doing on Instagram for new ideas.
  • Use Hashtags but Sparingly – Using the hashtags happens to be a great way for increasing your reach on Instagram by attracting more followers and encouraging more encouragement. But there are some people who go a bit over the top.  At times, hashtags almost throng the captions of certain posts and some of them are also irrelevant that are not even required or do not go with the photo. So if you are using hashtags, ensure that you keep it minimum and only include the keywords that are relevant to the photo that you are posting.
  • Include a Link – The way Instagram treats links also makes it stand out. It does not allow hyperlinks in comments and photo captions. The only place where you can place a link is in the bio section of the profile and you need to choose wisely as you have just 150 characters limit within which you have to do so.  This emphasizes more on what you link to- whether it is the landing page or the company’s homepage and for a specific campaign or product. Understand that you can still write a link out in the photo caption, but it won’t be clickable. A common option is to direct people to the photo link by asking them to do so in the photo captions.
  • To Keep the Followers Interested You Should Post Often – You need to post new contents on a regular basis if you want to keep the followers engaged. This does not imply that you must post 10 photos every day.  But posting at least once a day or at least once every other day should be sufficient to keep your followers interested. You may end up losing a few followers if you go for days without posting.
  • Stay on Top of the Instagram Trends – Trends like hashtags are great but all of them have an eventual expiry date. As the Instagram is a social networking platform, it is essential to keep up with the latest trends for avoiding to getting left behind and putting yourself at the risk of losing some of the valuable followers.

The above are some of the things that are suggested by the digital marketing experts of reputed digital marketing firm for any Instagram beginner. If you keep these tips in mind you will be able to achieve maximum engagement and conversions for your business with the help of this social media platform.

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