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Untold Secrets Of Hollywood Sign

We all know about the Hollywood sign and how it has been an aspiring legion to the actors who dream to make a name in Los Angeles. Though it has been a run-in with pranksters, vandals, and developers, it has still succeeded in hanging on its exact location which is close to the Mount Lee summit known as the Hollywood Hills. Below here we are going to provide you with some of the facts that are surprising about this famous symbol of U.S.

Secrets Related To The Hollywood Sign

  1. The Age Of The District And The Hollywood Is Almost Same

Hollywood was founded by Daeida Wilcox and Harvey in the year 1887, this basically the foundation of a community who were the followers of temperance movement. The reason for choosing this name is still unknown. Some say that it was due to that Daeida encountered a with a woman while traveling on a train whose name was Daeida. The community was combined as a municipality in 1903 and fused with Los Angeles in 1910, which was just prior to the year of first film studio there. Is This Hollywood’s Next Major Studio? Bob Simonds & TPG Growth’s Venture Fully Financed.

  1. It Was Created For The Advertisement Of Real State

During the year 1923, the publisher of Los Angeles Times Harry Chandler came up with an idea of investing in a real-estate development which was known as Hollywoodland. It capitalized Hollywood as the mecca of the movie industry. To start the project, Chandler had to invest almost $21000 which was spent on white block letters that were at a height of 45-foot  and almost 4,000 light bulbs were used to light the blocks.

  1. It Witnessed The Death Of A Struggling Actress

Along with symbolizing stardom and glamour, the Hollywood sign also symbolizes broken dreams. Not everyone who goes there tastes success. A stage actress named Peg Entwistle in 1932 shifted to Los Angeles with a dream to rise as a movie actress. Soon she got a role to play in a murder-mystery movie but according to reports, the studio had not renewed her option on the contract. On September the 24-year-old girl climbed the ladder to ‘’H’’ and jumped off to take her life. Later her body was found down the hill in a ravine.

  1. Four Letters On The Signs Were Eventually Removed

As the sign is quite a huge one, so, its regular maintenance was also needed but it was stopped during the time when the real-estate development of Hollywoodland was on a due under Great Depression. The letter “H” of the sign was once toppled and the sign was read as Hollywoodland and after the possession of the sign was given to the city, the Parks Commission and The L.A Recreation wanted the sign to be erased. During the year 1949, the Hollywood Chamber Of Commerce came in and removed the last four letters of the sign and restored the rest.

  1. New Sign Replaced The Older One

In spite of being replaced in 1949, the Hollywood sign started to fall down eventually. The third O of the sign was bent towards the mountain Mount Lee and many other accidents followed that eventually led to the fall of the sign. After this, a new sign was assigned for construction and since then it has been taken care is painted freshly frequently.

So, these are some facts about the Hollywood Sign. Which of these facts do you think was an interesting one?

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