Why You Need SEO to Boost your Business

Digital marketing is an interwoven system whereby one branch directly effects another. They must all work together to get the full benefit from each individual service. This is what web development and digital marketing companies work so hard to help clients understand.


The process begins with copywriting to establish the architecture and design the website needs to take on to house the content and images. Content needs to be concise and comprehensive to serve its purpose properly. Here is where it gets interesting. Search Engine Optimisation, commonly known as SEO, is a means of making yourself visible to Google.

SEO to Boost your Business

Working with Google so it Works for You

In order to rank as high as possible on Google you need to follow best practices when it comes to SEO. Logically, Google would be unsuccessful if it allowed irrelevant pages to rank the highest for certain keywords and the whole system would be somewhat useless.

You need to work with Google to get to the first page of the search. Using keywords in your content is the most effective way to rank as high as possible. Get the help of a professional copywriting company in Pretoria for content that is relevant, well written and Google friendly.

Googlebots and other crawlers are constantly scouring the web for new content pages and indexing them.

Web Development

There are some things that need to happen on your website or webpage before Google will be entirely happy with it. Firstly, it needs to actually show up on Google. If it does not, it may be because your policy blocks Google from crawling the site or the site is not well connected to other pages on the web. Google will even demand that the page contains high-quality content to rank high.

If your website is mobile friendly you will lessen your bounce rate. If your site is easily and securely accessible from all devices Google will reward you for this. This means that when people click on your webpage they are given the information they were expecting and with high quality content.

A web development and digital marketing company will help you align all of your marketing efforts and website so that they generates leads, and the way to do that is to be on the first page of search engines. To get on the first page of search engines you need to have quality SEO services on your side.

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